Why Choose Us

Our customers receive the full benefits of our engineering, technical and training services as well as our consulting services. Coupled with our state of the art service center, our customers have resources to service their clientele without the high cost of bringing specialized technical staff on the payroll – a costly and time-consuming effort.

Key Factors of Our Success:


  • Products and services which deliver high-end functionality at an affordable price.
  • An experienced team of professionals who understand customer based telephony applications as well as high customer service standards.
  • A partnering strategy which provides our business partners enhanced value proposition.
  • A state of the art lab and technical staff which allows us to continually improve and test packaged application solutions.

Networked Communications Engineering Services and Integration:

Our networked communications team is comprised of certified service professionals who focus on designing, installing, managing and maintaining converged voice, data, video, internet, and e-business solutions that meet our customer’s requirements for cost effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency.